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Re: Vent window seal replace

Forgive me if Im not following you directly here, but you want to replace the vent seal, right? It is a pain for sure. But you dont have grind anything or remove rivets at all to get the new seal on. Remove the tension spring nut on the bottom which will allow you to pull the glass out of the frame housing. Then make the little incision for the small housing bracket 2/3's the way up where it screws into the inside door frame and slip the rubber on. Now for getting the rubber pressed into the housing, lots of patience and some WD40 usually does the trick. I usually get a medium sized very dull flat head screw driver and start at the upper section and push in one bottom squared angle of rubber and then push in the other side and work my way down in increments. You can do this with the unit in the door or out. I find it easier to get the rubber into the frame after Ive installed the unit into the door because you are still going to have to mess with gettin the rubber to over lap on the outside of the door skin for a water tight seal, being extremely careful with the screwdriver if there is fresh paint. Good luck.
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