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Re: Project Madera: A Jimmy GT

I'd stick with a manual brake, hand or foot operated. Unless you're some drifter or something I don't think it's purpose would be for "dynamic" use. If you're away from the house and had a differential failure, u-joint failure or something like that you'll want one that works.

I had an '07 GTI and never used the hand brake. When wifey parked it in the winter she'd yard on the handle and it'd always be frozen ON in the morning (moisture in the cables). Her '09 Tiguan has an electric park brake that operates all on it's own, every time. It also has a selectable feature where it sets when you come to a stop in gear. You can let your foot off the brake, then it automatically releases when you push on the gas pedal. My '12 Silverado has a similar feature (not selectable) where the brake comes on if your rolling backwards in drive. It holds you in place if your stopped, facing uphill.

The electric actuator kind of falls in line with the rest of your tech, but unless you're going to automate it, I'd keep this one simple and reliable.

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