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Re: Make it handle

Originally Posted by Rob Fisher View Post
Thank you very much for your suggestions regarding my rack and pinion steering questions.
I would assume i fall into a category that a large number of us belong.
Trying to make a bunch of different parts, from different manufacturers work together.
You start by thinking that you just want to make it steer and brake better and that snowballs into the idea that you can make a 56 year old truck handle like a slot car.
Given the opportunity to do it all over a better solution would have been to buy a complete frame with suspension, brakes and steering, all designed to work happily together.
With all the bad decisions and money wasted on the wrong parts, hopefully you learn something along the way.
All part of the hobby I guess.
Very true. what was once lead by the magazine industry is now lead by the net. In the magazine days, most of the editors actually drove the product before the issue went to press. Today, many people champion parts that have never left the garage, so the truth is nobody knows if the parts really work. Or how good or not. And, for the most part, it's not like a hamburger, you don't get to taste everything in town to find the best. - Don't be to disappointed. You are building a cool truck, and it will be WAY better than stock. Keep having fun.
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