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Motorized Rocker Panels

My blazer is lifted and currently wearing 37s so I was looking at step options and haven't seen anything I was crazy about. I like the stealth power steps that tuck behind the rocker but since its not possible with the blazer rocker boxes I had the crazy idea of turning the outer rocker into a motorized step.

My idea was to cut the lower section of the rocker off just above the door ledge and fabricate a new lower section out of some thicker material for the step. I think there is just enough room between the inner and outer rocker to put some linkages to let the step drop down. Worst case, a shallow pocket would have to be made into the inner rocker.

I'm thinking a miata headlight motor wired up to the courtesy light switch and a crank/rocker 4 bar linkage would eliminate the need for any type of motor controller. The motor and 4 bar linkage would be behind the inner rocker in the rocker box area. Not sure if the motor would be strong enough on its own but could easily put some helper springs somewhere to help take some load off.

I made a rough cad model of the concept. See it in action here >

Any thoughts?
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