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Re: AM I wrong in being disappointed?

click on 'seller' quotes in op for seller's quotes in op's wtb thread..

likely long gone, already up with different user name, or watching anonymously..

sad state of affairs all the way around and not easy for anyone including staff to deal with..

that's why I brought up itrader for vbulletin.. it's a conspicuous tag on every user's profile..

on other forums I log into that use that, it's very effective and constant reminder to everyone how that member deals..

conspicuous, fast, and easy to use and convenient links to each deal thread just a click away in a linear column in their profile.. some members won't even engage in larger deals until the other member has good ratings.. kind of like earning good credit, takes a little time of good dealings to earn trust.. no it isn't foolproof, but generally, folks with good dealing reputations will continue to do so.. but again, if a predator has the ill will to deceive someone for a big payoff, their itrader may be sacrificial to them to just hit and run..

and Liz and Josh, I apologize for being harsh, I was just angry about what happened.. my own integrity and honesty makes this type of deal repulsive and I overreacted and lashed out.. my apologies.. I have suggested activating itrader in previous benny sug threads [beneficial suggestions] but for reasons beyond my comprehension were shot down.. I'm woefully short of pm space because I store numerous deal conversations for future reference but happy to work with you both if I can help in any way.. won't eliminate these issues but it will help..

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