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Re: Lifting a 2wd

I ran 1 ton coils on my 82 c10 and was able to fit 32"s with only slight rubbing. I did not need any lift on the rear as the truck sat level with the 1 ton springs. You could do the 1ton front coils and then a small (1") body lift. I do not like body lifts but a small one isn't too bad. I know my 32x11.50s almost hit the lower edges of the front fenders.. I had less than 2 fingers width at the closest point. The tires rubbed the inner fenders at the top.

Spindles are the best option but as previously mentioned not currently available for our trucks. I have heard and seen a couple people running the 88-98 front lift spindles but have not seen a write up on what particular parts are needed.
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