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Re: Show lowered 88-98 trucks

1995 5.7 Silverado pkg, Belltech; spindles, springs, mini notch, etc, 230k miles on it all.. It was lowered when I bought it in '04, I've always assumed 4/6, maybe 5/6-7? I can't run stock 235/75R15, these 215/75R15's whitewalls/steelies are as tall as I can go w/out rubbing inner fenders, they came with my '72 Beauville/Sportvan and are just temps until I decide what's next, It'll be rally wheels or 15" Centerlines. I've always ran the 5-star stocks or steelies. It looked near mint when I got it, but I lost interest in keeping it immaculate when the factory white started falling off about 6 years ago, so the top half is spray bombed, it's a little beat up from getting passed around the family as a loaner(something I'll NEVER do again). I just removed the "silverado" strips, but I miss them and will probably order more to have ready when she finally gets a respray in a couple years (I have several projects). I'll never sell it..

I've always wanted to bag it, but photoshop will have to do until I come up on a dually..
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