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Re: Advice on new trans

Originally Posted by CountofMonteCarlo84 View Post
I agree with Black Sheep. 700r4 is a good trans and a good option for a 350 sbc. Perhaps they just have a 400 laying around and want to sell it to you.
Actually they have nothing to sell. My trans just sat for 15 years right after it was rebuilt as is now slipping. they recommended sending it out to Trans shop for flush and stuff but the Trans shop says it probably a waste of $$. Theres no computer any more and i have a manual OD lock switch. Afraid i will forget the switch on or off and cause damage. II have no plans of any real offroad use. MAy be for occaisional snow/sand use. Replacing with a summit th400 (0r 350) is the option i'm asking advice about. See attached build link for lurid details.
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