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Re: Rebuilding my 1977 plow truck

One of the things that I wanted to do when building this truck was try to protect the fuel tank and filler neck. The factory wheel well protection is a bit weak as designed. So I came up with an extension to the wheel well. It is a bit dirty in the picture because I just thought of showing it to you guys this morning after bringing the truck in for the headliner which I will post up later. I made the extensions from 16 gauge stainless and removed the front braces to install them. They are bolted in with the factory bolt holes that were there with stainless bolts. I built some for the front and rear of the rear wheel wells on both sides. The front ones keep the garbage off of the tank and filler neck on both sides. I am not sure if the rear ones actually accomplish anything but it has to help a little to keep the crap from flinging up inside the box sides I hope.
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