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Re: Fel-Pro blueline pan gasket

Originally Posted by dracko View Post
Sounds like youíve done this a couple times. Thats the kind of useful advice I was looking for, thanks Geezer.

With what I just spent on the aluminum pan Iím hoping it fits nice. Iím not sure I can bring myself to install it again dry though, Iíll use the light trick and see how it looks.
I would be more concerned on how much the aluminium pan is going to expand vs a steel pan , being aluminium does expand 4 to 5 times more then steel , hopefully the pan comes with torque specs , this I find is the biggest reason why lots of people have a hard time with sealing Aluminium . when I gasket aluminum wether if its to steel or to plastic I use a sealer made by Permatex called THE RITE STUFF , I use the Black on Aluminium to steel and the grey on Aluminium to Plastic.
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