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Re: Fel-Pro blueline pan gasket

Originally Posted by Jrainman View Post
I would be more concerned on how much the aluminium pan is going to expand vs a steel pan , being aluminium does expand 4 to 5 times more then steel , hopefully the pan comes with torque specs , this I find is the biggest reason why lots of people have a hard time with sealing Aluminium . when I gasket aluminum wether if its to steel or to plastic I use a sealer made by Permatex called THE RITE STUFF , I use the Black on Aluminium to steel and the grey on Aluminium to Plastic.

I didnít really consider that, I know these finned aluminum pans have been around since the 60ís when Cal Custom was making them. The Rite Stuff isnít cheap but itís worth it, will be using the black version.
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