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Re: Oil confusion, please help!

Originally Posted by Furno68C20 View Post
you have to be careful and do research on your engine components. Oil's have changed, I just checked my dipstick and it was full of metal. Unknow to me, the cam I have is a flat tappet and was using just conventional 10w30 and the oil is nasty and dirty after not even 200 miles. Just bought hi zink Lucas Hot rod oil and hopefully the 327 will like it better. Hope the Cam isn't too worn down.
Sad to say...if you have metal on the dipstick you have already have damage...

Flat cammed engines NEED an oil with high levels of Zinc or a Zinc based additive like ZDDP....As your engine runs, it generates heat and friction, especially at high-stress points like the cams, valves, and tappets, where metal-to-metal contact pressures can be extreme. As this heat and friction builds, the ZDDP breaks down into its chemical components, coating the metal with what's called a tribofilm and taking the brunt of the load. This film forms at the atomic scale, helping to protect the metal in your engine, and reacts in a "smart" way, increasing the protection as the friction and pressure increases. By reducing direct metal-to-metal contact, the ZDDP provides a replenishable wear surface that prolongs the life of your engine. Studies of ZDDP have shown that it effectively provides a cushioning effect on the underlying metal, distributing the force upon it and, accordingly, the wear.

Amazon has it as an additive...or you can buy Oils with ZDDP in the mix...

Dont use ZDDP in oil that is destined for any engine with a Cat in the exhaust system...Zinc Kills Cats...thats why the oil companies dropped it out...
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