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Re: What did you do with your truck today, Part 3

Met my daughter at the Riverside airport cafe for lunch today. Drove my pickup for the first long drive after the clutch refresh and trans rebuild. The new valve covers are fantastic, the engine is dry as a bone underneath. I had no idea the old chrome ones were leaking so much. I thought it was the rear main seal puking out all the oil! On the way back up Arlington Ave, a truck that I didn't see was coming down the hill and revved his engine at me. I got a glimpse of his truck in my rearview mirror, I think it was a lowered yellow and tan 69-76 chevy truck. Engine sounded like it was way bad! Maybe it was someone on this board? Fun day!
'55 Chevy 1/2ton pickup w/ Pontiac 350 and Muncie M21 close ratio 4speed "Red Ryder"
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