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Re: link to mustang gas tank install

Originally Posted by dwcsr View Post
"The $218 one is for EFI and it does have internal modifications and external changes. this is definitely true

Its nothing like the $80 tank and it won't work for a stock mustang car. This is also trueif your attempting to use a stock sender pickup on the EFI tank .

it Its coated steel and has the proper holes for EFI pump and sender. Again also true.

The $80 stock tank has one hole near the bottom of the tank for a pickup and sender. also true.

It won't work for EFI at all without a lot of modifications"
It would work with a stock sender to plug the hole in the bottom and using an pump like a PA series. or an external pump with the stock sender and pickup so its half true

I can agree with you here somewhat, You may or may not have a starvation issue without the tray but for the price of it I prefer to have a tray in it or a pump that has a cup.
Okay, for the price it is good to have a tray. What I run is $70 mustang tank. I'm using the stock fuel pickup, an external pump, and a corvette style fuel filter with a return. On top of the tank I just drilled with a hole–saw for the stock brand-new sender. And I put a brass 90° elbow for the return into the tank. I was just saying that it wasn't necessary to have a tray.
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