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Re: link to mustang gas tank install

Originally Posted by dwcsr View Post
He mounted above the lower rail and had to trim the frame to accommodate the tank. I remember selling him a 70 degree neck and it should drop just under the rear cross sill. Use a 2" ID short rubber hose to connect to a fill neck and you should be good to go. You can get a flip down plate hanger to hide it and you will have to fab a little hanger for the fill neck.
My brother came over today, pulled the bed off.
So from what I've read here, & what your saying, is in order to slide it in between the frame rails, the rear cross member needs to be relocated further back, & 1 &1/2" inches has to be trimmed from the frame rails.
Another option I'm considering is the 59-60 car gas tank, & cut down the fuel neck.
Would either install result in about the same ground clearance?
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