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Re: NP 205 Rebuild and Info

I am out of cam lube, so an old trick I am using this time is Petroleum Jelly to hold the rollers in place. Then with a new gasket I installed the rear bearing housing. Since none of the bolt holes are blind on the 205 I used thread sealant on ALL the bolts. Torque for the housing bolts are 30lbft

Next install the spacer, speedometer drive gear and rear bearing with a perimeter snap ring. You should be able to look down the speedometer adapeter hole and see the gear. Here you will also notice that the gear spins freely on the shaft. Once the yoke is installed and torqued, the gear, and spacer will be captured between the bearing and the shoulder on the shaft. This will also locate the output shaft to the rear which is why there is no thrust bearing between the input shaft and the output shaft

Next I installed the rear output seal in the seal housing. My rebuild kit came with several seals so I sized mine to the output yoke. It didn't take much force to set the seal at all. I am holding the housing in the orientation it goes on the case. You will notice the oil passage by my pinky finger. This has to line up with the hole on the case and cannot be covered by the gasket. The bolt holes are spaced differently so it's hard to get it wrong. Torque on these bolts is 30 lbft. Again use sealant on the threads. I did not find any specs on depth of the seal so I installed it flush.

I'm showing this picture without the seal housing for reference. At this point you should be able to pull the shaft back against the bearing



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