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Re: Nostalgia - Pics in Time.

Originally Posted by Ta2Don View Post
Here's a couple of pics of a 61 GMC I had back in the mid 80's. I was in the Air Force stationed in Jacksonville, Arkansas and picked the truck up locally. Drove it daily, even made a trip to Rantoul, Illinois in Jan '87. While in Illinois I had the fun of replacing the front wheel bearings (ball type) in the front driveway of a high school friend, in the snow nonetheless.
If memory serves me, I think all together, parts and grease cost right at $100.00 back then. I remember reading on this board that the parts are about that amount per side now.
Like a fool, that I was back then, I sold the truck when I found a '72 Monte Carlo that I just couldn't live without. Then I sold that car when I was being sent overseas...

Also, here's a pic of my dad back in the late 60's with his work truck...

Thanks "LostMy65" for the heads up on this thread...
Very cool photos, thanks for posting. Big window, chrome grille, even a spotlight! Sure would be a cool truck to have today.
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