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This is it right after i got the cab to the shop to begin work on it.

In order to get the thru beams thru, i had to gut the cab, including the dash. All these parts needed to come out anyways so that i could scuff and paint every possible inch of the cab that MIGHT be visible once it is reassembled.

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Alright, so now i gotta get the old cab off and dispose of it, the new cab being the wrong color needs to be stripped completely of every part that can be unbolted so that i can scuff every square inch of it and blast it blue.

after a couple hard days this past weekend while my wife was out of town i go the old cab off and the new cab up on a redneck 5 post lift. many hours on the creeper later and the underside of the cab is ready for paint, the firewall is 98% ready for paint, i just need to prep one small surface rust spot where the once diesel battery leaked down the firewall and made a spot on the pinch weld. the urethane that was used to hold in the front and rear glass has been removed and i am hoping to get the inside of the cab scuffed up and MAYBE blue by sunday evening.

never mind the mess, yes i know my shop is a huge f'ing disaster, but its what i got for now.

Four of the 54 inch farm jacks with 1 1/4 scd 40 pipe thru the cab side to side for lift points, then i am using 1 1/4 scd 40 pipe diagonals and 1 1/2 scd 40 pipe welded to 2 inch sch 40 pipe and bolted all together to make it more stable side to side and it also acts as a safety measure so that the cab cannot drop on its own. with everything done like this it is pretty stable, not that i am willing to find out how stable it is with me in the cab, but it remains completely height adjustable. the only downside is that the lowest of the two crossbars is only about an inch off the cab floor making it difficult to scuff the cab floor and i see potential issues with painting the cab floor. cross that bridge when i get there i guess.
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