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Re: Who dctr

I have recently ordered a whole ton of parts for this truck... I am just waiting for all of the parts to show up and then the body to be done so i can start the final assembly of the damn thing. I am down to 32 days... its gonna be tight.

New external mirrors
new radiator
new ac condenser
new electric cooling fans
new trans cooler
new tail lamps
new wheels
new tires
new rear cab glass
new firewall blanket (insulator pads, 3 parts)
new door gaskets
new windshield trim hardware
new door 'water shields' (the clear plastics between the door panel and the door)

new remote start system
new radio head unit
new door handles
new tailgate handle and bezel
new matching door lock and ignition cylinder

I am working on designing up the doctor who z-71 logo and wheel stickers.

what else? i dont remember, too much to list and its getting late.

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