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All of the door seals should arrive tomorrow, along with new cab bolts. I misplaced a milk crate full of bolts in labeled zip lock bags. I am sure that once i get the shop cleaned up that particular milk crate will make its presence known. BUT in the mean time i just ordered new cab bolts because they were $3.06 each. I cant hardly spend the time to clean up the original bolts and paint them for that price, geeze.

I am having to repaint the jamb of one of the rear quarter doors because I missed a good size section with color AND clear, so i scuffed that jamb down and did some spot painting. In the process of doing the spot repair the original paint lifted and bubbled and wrinkled in a major way. So tonight i spent an hour or so sanding some of the paint off and started prepping it for new paint from a bare surface. so sealer, primer, then color and clear. not happy about this but oh well, it happens right? I am just glad it was only ONE jamb and it is the jamb that is outward when the front door is open, and NOT the entire inside of the door. should have it re-painted by friday night and I can actually hang the doors on saturday or sunday.

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