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Re: Do all Supers have upper and lower molding's?

Originally Posted by weim55 View Post
Turns out the truck in question is NOT a real Super. Trying to find ways to read the damaged SPID found if I daub a little moisture over the type I can read some areas. VIN on SPID does not match the truck. Stunned as she was last plated in 1985 and is 100% bone stock. Someone must have had access to a complete parts vehicle and got EVERYTHING for the swap back in the day. Another tip off was the factory black mat under the carpet.

Thanks for all the replies and info!

Steve weim55 Colorado
What other tip offs are you referring to Steve? What made you decide it was not a Super, besides the rubber mat?

These trucks are OLD - my Super has a rubber mat because someone replaced the carpet - so you never know. Curious what your other clues were. Too bad the SPID is bogus. Just look at it as "freedom to build it how you want!"

Can you confirm your cab VIN is riveted with the correct rosette rivets? If so, what's the VIN? What was the VIN on the SPID?
If you post the SPID, even if it's unreadable, you'd be surprised what folks can do with photoshop etc. Often monkeying with the contrast and brightness yields a more readable pic. Anyway, if SPID no matchie, kind of a moot point, but still interesting.
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