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Re: Hello and Could I get a little advise please..

Dang that truck is nice! The only ugly thing I see from here is the spid itself. It looks to be held on with clear scotch tape in one corner and red electrical tape in another... Someone mentioned Barrett Jackson prices... I was at Barrett Jackson New England this past summer. You wouldn't believe the pile of crap that I saw sell for 25k. No body panels lined up, (not even close) it leaned to one side and it had the ugliest set of 1980's aluminum rims on it. That was enough to make me close my eyes and walk away. If the truck you are looking at weren't cut down I'd say it would do 40k pretty easy at Barrett Jackson. I'm not saying the real world price is 40k by any stretch, everyone over pays at the auction. What it all comes down to is whether or not you plan on keeping the truck because resale is always going to be an issue. My biggest concern is this seller claims to know nothing...
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