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Re: 1988 gmc k2500

I replaced the shocks. When I took out the first one, it collapsed. The rest were toast as well. I had known about the test that you push down on a corner of the vehicle to test the shocks. When I did this test there wasnít much movement with the old shocks, I jump on the end of the bumper and the truck goes down and returns. With new shocks, it goes up and down a few times before settling. I didnít know it should do that, now I know.
The ride is better, but still shakes when I hit a pothole. The maypop tires are load range D and I had 30lbs in them. I aired up to 60 and that helped some. They may need to be ballanced, but Iíll probably get new tires instead.
Truck is running good and strong, itís fun to driveÖLast time I went out on errands, the idle would not kick down. Actually it did that a week before and after I got home, I started it up and let it idle awhile and it did go down. This time I made several stops, but it stayed high.
I compiled a list of things to check including the IAC and vacuum leaks, but I have been focused on another issue. My knuckles hit the dashboard when I was shifting. I started a thread about that when it happened before:
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