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Re: '89-91 power mirror upgrade....coming soon to this thread.

are these those goodwrench power mirriors?

1984 Chevrolet C-30 Big Dooley Choo Choo Custom 6.2

Tonight mine pulled a few cars out of snowbanks, and is sitting in my driveway, icicles on the grille, wheels just white cakes of snow, buried up to the lug nuts in powder, straps and chains wrapped around the bumpers, the outline of the wipers clear in 4 inches of snow on the windshield... A tired warrior of the 1980s in a world of low profile tires, front wheel drive, and plastic bumpers, where people stay in their houses until snowplows move the offending substance from their paths, too helpless to travel without AAA and chains and salt, clearing their windows with longhandled brushes while gently stepping around in the snow trying to stay nice and dry.
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