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Re: 700R4 build thread.

Flip the Drum over.

Replace the 4 Teflon Sealing Rings on the Input/Turbine shaft.
Use the One Piece Sealing Rings ONLY, Use Scarf cut or Step cut at your own risk!!!!

These are difficult to install without Installer & Resizing tools.
There are several DIY methods on the internet/YouTube, Some pointers....

Do not over stretch the Seals, Just enough to go on without damage.

Do not Under Size them either! Using hose clamps & what not, Just get them small enough to lightly rock the Stator shaft on them.

Install the selective shim & Torrington Bearing on the Input Drum, Slide the Stator Shaft down the Input Shaft to do Final Sizing.

Always resize 1 Sealing ring at a time, Start with the Bottom Ring First!

The Stator Shaft is bolted to the Pump Body, Use Pump Body/Stator Shaft assembly for Final Sizing.....Just to be clear.

Another option is taking the Input Drum to a trans shop for Sealing Ring Install.

1st pic, My install tool.

2nd pic, Found on the internet using a Lip Wizard
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