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Re: 700R4 build thread.

Place 1 of the Pump Vane Rings in the Pump Pocket like shown above.
**Note, I Highly recommend Hard Steel Pump Rings in ALL 700R4's. TransGo & SPX make them, Use the stock Cast Rings at your own risk!!**

Stick the Rotor Guide on the back of the Pump Rotor using TransJel.

**Note, I use 10 Vane pump kits on all HP or HD 700R4's, I use 13 Vane Pump Kits on Stock to Mild builds.
10 Vane pumps create more Volume & less prone to breakage with big Boost Valves.
13 Vane pumps are quieter & Even out the pulses in pressure
DO NOT use Early 7 Vane pump rotors!!**

Place Pump Rotor with Guide facing down in the pocket, The Guide will center the Rotor in the Pump.

Install Pump Vanes, I recommend New Vanes, If reusing See Drawing Below for Orientation! The Vanes need to sit between the Slide & Bottom Pump Ring.

Install Top Pump Ring.
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