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Re: 4L80E & TH400 Tech.

Originally Posted by indymachinist View Post
So now that my 4l80e is built... how about a slightly different kind of topic.

Proper "care?" of a 4l80e in high horsepower use. Not so much change the fluid etc, but how to treat it.

A few things I have read:

-race in 3rd not overdrive because it engages the front band? and 4th doesn't like high power full throttle shifts

-don't shift into neutral at high speed to prevent over spinning the direct drum

-there was something about how to do a proper burn out but I don't remember what it was

Anything else you guys can think of?
1. Never race a 4L80E in D4, Putting the shifter in D3 brings on the Overrun Clutches & helps support the Overdrive Roller Clutch.

2. That is correct.

3. With a manual shift valve body....Start the burnout in 2nd....Then shift to 3rd.

With auto shift.......Back into the water box, start in 1st shift to 2nd then to 3rd gear, get into 3rd gear as soon as possible. Pull away from the water fairly aggressively for a few feet, and then lift quickly off the throttle.
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