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Re: 4L80E & TH400 Tech.

Originally Posted by crakarjax View Post
FYI there are chrome and firefox extensions that modify the links to non-blocked copies from photobucket -- so far they seem to work well.
Thanks, Works on my end! This calls for MORE TECH!!!!!

Intermediate Clutch Tech
As the 4L80E ages, I have noticed something interesting about the Intermediate Piston Return Spring assembly......It is VERY weak & bows up at the spring perches, As the "Rear Unit" end-play grows.....The Intermediate Sprag Retainer starts to rub the spring retainer. I have seen this get really bad.....But the unit had other issues that caused the direct drum to really get down on the retainer.

Install a TH400 Intermediate Piston Return Spring retainer, Carefully pry the 12 spring out of the 4L80E retainer & reuse them, The TH400 piece is 3x as thick & will not distort.

4L80E Spring Retainer, Notice the rub marks

TH400 Spring Retainer

Installed in a 4L80E Center Support with the 12 springs
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