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Re: Lks Dcvn: 70 2wd GMC Jimmy Conversion Project

I actually used a 3M red scuff pad so I could monitor the removal and not go into the color. I found it to be fastest (although not easiest) for what I wanted. My concern was not taking off the OG paint.

It took awhile to only take off the very top layer and not go too far. I spread it out over a few days to give my hands a rest. Go slow, check your work and keep water running over the panel to gauge how much top coat is left. I was happy to find patina and no new body damage or bondo on the body when I was done.

Here is a chart that shows comparable grit based on the pads that I found on the internet if you already have the paper and don't want to buy anything else.


7445 - White pad, called Light Duty Cleansing - (1000)

7448 - Light Grey, called Ultra Fine Hand - (600-800)

6448 - Green, called Light Duty Hand Pad - (600)

7447 - Maroon pad, called General Purpose Hand - (320-400)

6444 - Brown pad, called Extra Duty Hand - (280-320)

7446 - Dark Grey pad, called Blending Pad (180-220)

7440 - Tan pad, called Heavy Duty Hand Pad - (120-150)
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