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Re: Show me your 4x4 Suburbans!

Well join the club man!

I knew if I was going to own a Suburban it had to be 4x4 and not a wimpy 4x2. Hoping to really enjoy it soon and then slowly restore it when time and money permits.

All the advise I can give you on your future project is this:

1. Find the most expensive one you can afford. Less restoring and more enjoying.
2. Slowing restore to your tastes not anyone elses!
3. Then Enjoy the heck out of it and use it how it was intended to be used!

Originally Posted by Already Gone View Post
I've been looking for Burb for a couple of years now and wanted a 4x2. After looking at this thread a few times I'm really starting to think there may be a
4x4 Burb in my future. I do realize and respect how much time and money go into doing one of these with the jacked up stuff but I would prefer to do mine like the original with the factory buckets and console and a set of 6 bolt rally wheels,which I already have and maybe put a 68 front clip on as I love the front end of the 67/68 trucks. I'm dealing on this one in Minnesota and as usual it took the owner two wekks to return my call and I've been waiting 3 days now for the more detailed pictures he was going to send the next day. I bootlegged the attached pics from the CL ad and that is why they are small.
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