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Re: deluxe weatherstrip - lock strip

I have some old GM that end up the same after sun and rain. I think the main thing is UV rays O2 in water get under the clear plastic. You can try to clear coat with UV clear 1or 2 thing coats on the strip after dry install.
or remove the plastic cover and clear it with UV clear 3 or 4 time let dry and install.
+ You may want to use a plastic flex agent in the clear.

Over the years had two GM deluxe weather strip-lock strips since my truck sit out side all year long in the sun/rain. They both turned. The less sun and rain they get the longer the last. But the rubber /plastic combo they used back then
is still what they use today.
Now Remember they want to sell them GM at the time, and the after market people.

DIY: most bang for the money longest lasting would be. The reg. black weather strip - lock strip could save you and you can paint the chrome or sliver strip then clear with UV clear
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