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Re: 73-87 4x4s

figure i can do one post and be done with it, list of all the square bodies ive owned.

my very first 4x4, 1983 s10 blazer. i think around 1998 2.8 4x4 manual transmission

few months later i got this truck - 1984 gmc jimmy 305ci 6 inch lift 38 inch tires

after about 4 years that thing literally fell apart so i found this suburban in a local impound yard for $200, it was stock when i got it. 400ci 6 inch lift 38 inch tires

same fate, few years later after offroading it the body became so tweeked i had to let it go and found a old military blazer for cheap so had that for a few years - 6 inch suspension, 2 inch body, 400ci engine

around 2010 i had the itch to get a pick up truck for some reason so got rid of the blazer and found a k30 really cheap and still have it to this day. the plan was to make it the new off road truck but when i was done building it, it was way to nice to destroy. 4inch lift 400ci 33 12.50 all terrain tires.

here was the only square body i owned that never seen offroad. it was a daily driver for a while til i sold it for something with a little better gas mileage (what was i thinking) 350ci 4 inch lift 33 12.50 tires

was in decent shape except for the holy rockers which you can see in the picture... also on the trailer was a 85 s10, cut the fenders off and stuck 35s on it. actually got about 3 years of fun out of that thing surprisingly
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