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Re: better ride suspension

Hello to all. Thanks for chiming in. @Lolife99, Yes I have a C-Notch in the rear. The bump stop for the was cut out, to install the C-Notch. The bump stops for the front, on the control arms, where left in place. Shall I remove the bump stops from the control arms? As for pics, its your standard installed, static, lowering set up. If you can tell me what you would see, I'll post a pic, ASAP. @bbc10, I plan to install 20 inch wheels once I get the suspension issues resolved. I will definitely buy tires that have a 50 series wall, such as 255/20/50. I have also pondered the idea of IFS, IRS. I don't know if this would help my bouncy/bobly issue. My thoughts, a 40 year old suspension is 40 years old. Its supposed to ride like crap. That why we buy new cars, improvements in technology. All I want is a suspension I can enjoy, with a low ride height, without braking the bank. Is that too much to ask for? Thanks for all your help.
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