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Re: '05 2500HD 6.0 AT 4x4 common issues

I guess it depends on where you live. I live in Texas and have never had to deal with the rust issues. I own an 05 2500hd 6.0 and have towed a lot with it and it still hasn't popped an exhaust manifold bolt. Maybe not a rust issue but seems to be some type of corrosion issue. All of the trucks I have seen with the broken bolts were from up north. I don't recommend drilling out the broken bolts because it is to easy to ruin a perfectly good head. Ruining the hole and using a helicoil is never a good option. I have done the procedure many times and it is way to easy to weld to the broken bolts. There is no real issue of welding the threads to the head as the head is aluminum and the weld cant stick to it. You just need a tack weld to the broken flush bolt which also creates heat that helps the bolt come out really easily. I worked as a technician at a gm dealership from 1995-2013 and in my opinion the newer body style is quite a bit better than the older trucks. I have also owned both. When you get tired of fixing fuel injection issues, worn distributor issues and engine leaks you will want the ls engine based trucks. If either were to brake down the newer trucks are way easier to repair.
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