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Re: paypal gift option on sales.

Question just for clarification. Is it acceptable for a seller to tell the buyer (in a pm only after an "I'll take it" is posted in the for sale thread) that the buyer must pay fees for a paypal transaction?

I guess if the seller offers a different option, such as an MO, well, I could see that. However, as the paypal fee is a "seller's" fee, it seems that if the seller wants the buyer to foot that bill that it should be listed in the for sale ad before the deal is made.

Or, life would be simpler if the seller decided that, if $10 is his bottom dollar, then he'd only sell it for $10.59 via paypal in order to actually get $10 out of it. But I know it is acceptable for a seller to ask the buyer to pay fees up front - and that's fine with me, absolutely don't mind doing that. But I believe the intention of paypal is that the seller list a price that is acceptable to the seller that includes the seller paying the fees (i.e. the $10.59 for sale example).

Anyway, as stated, I don't mind paying the fees at all as a buyer if a seller states it up front. My specific question is whether or not it's ok for sellers to add buyer must pay fees after the "I'll take it" is posted in the thread by sending a pm to that end. This has happened to me several times, and I do the math and pay the fee as requested, but it's math the seller could have done and added to the price in the first place - or, at a minimum, told me up front so I could do that math and know what I'd really be paying. All comes out in the wash, I'd pay the same either way. But I have to admit I don't like the added cost in a pm after a "price" is agreed to in the thread. Seems it's the seller's responsibility beforehand. No big deal on a $10 part. Big deal on a $1000 part.
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