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Re: HOW TO: Replace Interior and Exterior Door Handles (1997 Yukon GT) - with pix

Step 11. There is one 10mm bolt that is on the metal insert - remove that as well.

Step 12. Place a milk carton/box under the door for it to support the metal door insert while you work on the door.

Step 13. Lower the door insert down to rest on the milk carton - this eliminates dismantling the rest of the door to perform the swap

Step 14. Remove the 10mm bolt that holds the exterior door handle from inside the door - the metal insert/door glass might need to be moved to get to it. I was able to do this by myself.

Step 15. Remove the 10mm bolt from the door jam area of the door. The exterior door is now loose and held on by the door lock and pivot rod.
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