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Re: 1972 Medium Blue Highlander Blazer Resto

Big thanks to you guys for following along and sorry for my lengthy delay. Hope 2017 is off to a good start for y'all!

I've got the Blazer back with Eric and the guys at Mild to Wild here in Albuquerque. They did a great job on my K20 and we had a lot of fun in the process so taking the Blazer back to them was a no-brainer.

Making progress on the sheet metal repair and there were no unpleasant surprises once the paint was blasted away. Barry did a great job re-aligning the previously replaced LH rear quarter at the B pillar so a pillar patch wasn't necessary. Fortunately, the replacement quarter was a GM piece and likely done a long while ago so the caged nuts are present for a single wall top in addition to the holes for a double wall top.

I've collected various parts, had the carb rebuilt by Sean Murphy Induction, am taking the motor to the machine shop tomorrow, and am awaiting the front seat upholstery and rear panels (rear seat cover is in-hand). The initial set of front bucket seat covers did not have the plaid aligned as per OEM and are being redone (I'm told the OEM style takes more fabric incurring more expense so not typically done).

I'll try to post more frequently. More pics available through the Mild to Wild site:
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1972 K5 CST Highlander Blazer:
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