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Re: Crossbreed

I call this shot the "illusion of progress" because it will all come back apart. Just needed to mock up the doors and fenders so I could line up and weld the rocker panels on.

Pay no attention to the door being tucked in too far, no latch or striker plate to hold it out at the moment. I will have to put shims under the hinges, both doors lack about 1/16" from lining up with the fenders.

I'm also contemplating re skinning the doors. I fixed the rust in the corners but lost a little bit of that subtle contour below the lower body line. I got some warpage when I welded the patches so i hit it with a shrinking disc to straighten it out... Got it a bit too straight as it appears I took out some of the curve. Wouldn't​ take that much filler to get it right so I'm undecided. The advantage to putting a new skin on is I'd be able to spray the inside of the door. There's also a few dents in the middle of the door that a new skin would eliminate.
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