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Re: Crossbreed

Stuck the engine back in, installed hydroboost with a wilwood master cylinder and adjustable proportioning valve.

Also installed a set of HMMWV wheels and 37" tires. With just the 4" lift the rear tire looked too close to the front of the wheel opening and the driveshaft was already too short. So I moved the axle back about an inch and got a new driveshaft. While I was at it I decided I'd just go with a double cardan driveshaft. I rotated the axle where it needed to be welded on the spring perches and disc brake brackets.

I also swapped out the stiff ass 4 inch lift springs (unknown manufacturer) in the front for some Skyjacker softrides to match the rear. They seem much better... With the old springs I could jump on the front of the truck and not get them to budge at all.
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