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Re: link to mustang gas tank install

Regular cheap tank. Sweat out the stock fill pipe and added the tanks inc filler myself, then put the vent/ roll over valve in the cap. I've got some 3/8" weld in bungs to add in the bottom corner of the tank. Probably won't bother with a sump. Mechanical pump on the motor, and possibly an external fuel pump on the frame rail of we need it. It'll be a turbo & efi motor. Had to trim the insides of the frame rail 3/4" on each side for it to slide in, and then I nutserted the tank and bolted it under the top framerail so it looks like it's supposed to be there. Still need to add a rear cross member back in. Probably just 2x3 angle so it captures the tank, but it can be dropped and slide back out if needed.
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