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Re: link to mustang gas tank install

I Removed the mustang gas tank that my fab guy installed.
He mounted it below the frame rails, & double shimmed it with square tube channel & dropped it down even further.
Looks like crap, hanging down way to low, & the full 90 fuel hose he used won't allow me to put a fuel nozzle in.
I'm thinking about grinding off the spacers he welded in, & bolting directly on the bottom of the frame rails, instead of inside the frame rails.
Can't see gaining that much more clearance if installing inside the rails.
And I won't have to relocate the cross member, or trim the frame rails.
Seems this would still allow me to use a 90 degree fuel neck, & have the cap behind a flip down license plate.
If you want something done right, gotta do it yourself.

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