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Re: Upper Control arm bushing replacement

Once one side is in and seated the cross shaft is lubricated and installed. At this point I install the nuts and washers to help drive in the bushing. I will also use a spacer under the washer as to give room for the collar to not be totally in the bushing as it is being installed. Don't forget to lubricate the inside of the shell and not seat the collar in the bushing. I also will mount the arm in the vise by the cross shaft and use a big socket and hammer to drive the bushing home. Once seated you are done and there you have it, R/R of control arm bushings. The lowers are the same and some people use a torch to do part of the job I just showed, I did these at work and the guys in the stalls next to me don't like the smell. LOL I hope this helped some one.
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