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Re: Upper Control arm bushing replacement

Hi Matt,

Nice write up - but I lost you after the vice picture of the prothane bushing. Would you please let me know what I got wrong below:

(black bushing and vice install pic) Seating a greased black bushing by itself. No brass bushing yet. Be sure not to move the control arm shell in the control arm.

(C-clamp picture) Pressing in a greased brass bushing into the previously installed black bushing.

(control arm, shaft, bushings pic) Once one side is complete (black bushing installed into shell, brass bushing installed into black)

clean, lube and insert cross shaft.

apply washer and nut on finished side.

lube black bushing and get started into other side until nut and washer can be applied to press greased black bushing into place.

Remove the incomplete sides nut and washer, slide greased busing onto shaft and again use nut and washer to seat brass bushing into black busing.

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