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Re: Price of a Pickup?

"No leaks" - don't believe that one for a minute. These trucks have so many places where the cab leaks water from outside:
  • top of windshield
  • 3rd brake light, the foam deteriorates/cracks and leaks
  • two different places on the cowl, seam sealer on either side by the hinges and the screw above the cowl fresh air intake vent
  • seam sealer above the doors (topmost corner/point)
  • various places on the firewall - electrical bulkheads, antenna grommet, etc.
  • sometimes even from the doors if the drain is plugged

Most common side I've seen water leaks visible is passenger side. If 3rd brake light is leaking (which it inevitably is), it normally pools in the either rear floorboard or sills. If the cowl is leaking, it usually pools in the passenger front floorboard. You may find light rust around the bottom half of the front seat boxes or on the feet of the rear seats. If you see discoloration of the carpet where it meets the plastic foot/sill plates, it's leaked before.

But back to the main question, if you're in PA and it's generally rust-free underneath and the mileage is legit, the dash isn't cracked to bits (check for smaller cracks around the 3 screws along the front of the windshield vent of the dash to see what your future holds), I think 7k-9k is fair enough. Higher end if never been wrecked, actually no leaks, everything power works as expected and clearcoat is actually intact. If clearcoat is peeling, some electronics are bad, shows evidence of some water leaks, it could go the other way.

I'd prefer the diesel in mine. I paid $2700 for my '98 Sierra SLT, fully loaded, all leather with 87k miles on it 1-2 years ago. Inside was pretty rough, cracked dash, saturated carpet. A/C wasn't working but I suspected the compressor was toast ($400-800). Alignment toe was out on passenger front. Paint rough, clearcoat gone. Undercarriage is flawless, and it's never been in a wreck. I would've given up to an extra $2k if it had the 6.5, just for the sake of resale value.
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