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Re: 1939-40 grille chin

As I said I bought the chin and baffle at the swap meet at Back to the Fifties last summer. It wasn't/isn't perfect but it actually worked out better that way because I didn't feel bad about slicing and dicing it to fit were I needed to go.
As I said in the previous post I had shorted the grille by one bar when I put the truck together in the 90s because the lower bar was hanging down by it self and looked wrong. So instead of a 16 bar grille I have a 15 bar grille. It also helps to get the chin up level with the bottom of the bumper which hopefully will help keep the chin from getting rubbed to badly. The rusty piece in the pics is the rusty flange I cut off. I ended up trimming the chin some more before I was done. I then made a new flange that shorted the baffle up so I can use the original mounting holes for the baffle inside the grille shell. The bottom pic is the bottom of the chin, I had to replace a bit of the tin there because of rust and some brazing that had been done somewhere in its previous life.
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