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Smile 1998 vortec 5.7 bogs down on acceleration

Hello happy hollidays,
I have a 1998 Chevy Cheyenne 5.7 it was running well and idle but on acceleration would bog down, miss fire excetera and made a hole in the muffler. Then the fuel pump went replaced it eliminated the catalytic converters and put a new muffler in, nothing really changed it was a minor improvement today replaced plugs, distributor cap, rotor and fuel filter. I started up I would have bet money that the problem was solved since now I could accelerate without a problem when I took it around the block it started bogging down again same thing . Some of the fuel coming out of the fuel filter that I removed was dark. I was wondering if maybe the new filter was able to get clogged up that quickly? Thanks in advance if anybody has had a similar problem please give me a heads up thanks a lot!
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