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Re: 1998 vortec 5.7 bogs down on acceleration

Sure the 98 trucks it's same system

6 Here’s a specific example of how one portion of this system operates: An oxygen sensor, located in the exhaust manifold, constantly monitors the oxygen content of the exhaust gas. If the percentage of oxygen in the exhaust gas is incorrect, indicating a too rich or too lean condition, an electrical signal is sent to the ECM. The ECM takes this information, processes it and then sends a command to the fuel injection system, telling it to change the air/fuel mixture. This happens in a fraction of a second and it goes on continuously when the engine is running. The end result is an air/fuel mixture ratio which is constantly maintained at a predetermined ratio, regardless of driving conditions

Now that you've tore all your vital o2 sensors out.
System has no way to adjust air fuel mix.
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