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Re: NP 205 Rebuild and Info

Wow. 2 years later...

Tips for the Yokes. I sleeved both. I use green lock-tite on them to prevent seepage between the parts. i apply RTV sealant to the inside of the yokes, and not the shaft. This way you will not be pushing RTV into the case.
10 spline front yoke repair sleeve part number (federal mogul 99174)
32 spline rear yoke repair sleeve part number (federal mogul 99212)

Spline washer seal. important piece. Only works on the 32 spline yokes in my opinion.

Torque for the rear yoke is 150lbft.

repeat steps for the front yoke. The front has a dust shield.

I will show pictures of the early style adapter for reference.


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Rebuilding an NP205

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