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Re: Scrap Truck to Race Truck

No rain this weekend so the truck was out racing again. They were able to race last Saturday as well. Rained out on Sunday. So far the truck has raced 6 times and won 5 of them. The one time it didn't win they blew a rad hose and had to pit.

I am attaching a link to a video of last night's race. I hope it works.

PS the other truck is out and racing for the first time last night.
The number 18 truck is the track champion so far, it is the black with red truck. The number 3 truck which is dark green and yellow is the other truck. It is the truck that they resurrected from an old retired race truck from 20 years ago. Number 3 was track champion before it wreck and the original owner retired it. It was stripped down and left to rot in a field ever since the wreck.
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