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Re: Correct clock/phasing/orientation of yokes on '66 C20 2 piece driveshaft

Been a busy night. I pulled that driveshaft back out after work, broke it down, turned the yoke and put it all back together. The "it only goes on one way" BS the driveline shop gave me is nonsense. I had to press the damn thing off because it was stuck, but it could clearly be installed in several different directions, albeit incorrectly. Once I lined it up 90 degrees out from the front one, it dropped right down the splines, like they were made for each other. I attached some crappy pics.

I'll slap it back in the truck tomorrow night and see what happens. I'll probably lift one side of the axle, remove the wheel, and run it up to speed to test for vibration. If it shakes I'll try the hose clamp trick. I feel like it's pretty much got to be in the factory orientation now, or 180 degrees off. I'll let you guys know if it's a huge success or I burn it down haha.

Then I can move onto the wheel balance issue. I had the shop static balance them on the inside face only, and I wonder if that's part of the issue. They're old and could well be out of round or something, but I drove the truck they came off of for years and never had any balance issues with it. One problem at a time I guess.

Thanks again for the help fellas.
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